Eric Swan

The Spy Who Can Never Die

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He's served his country for years, and saved it from calamity time and again. But Eric Swan is not your average spy.

He’s one of only four agents working in a top-secret department, taking on the nastiest criminals ever hatched.

Plus, Eric and his three fellow agents have a unique scientific advantage. They can never die.

Well, they can be killed - but it doesn't stick.

From bestselling author Dom Testa comes a bombastic series of thrillers starring super-spy Eric Swan. He's able to put his life on the line for his country because that life can be restored.

As long as he remembers to backup his data.

Eric Swan thriller #1:
Power Trip

Power Trip cover FINAL copy 2.jpg

Eric Swan is on a mission to save America’s power system from devastation.

Standing in his way are diabolical brother-sister twins intent on cutting the cord.

To succeed, Swan must overcome their ingenuity, their army of killers, and their lust for personal revenge — because, if he fails, the country will slip into a dark age of chaos and anarchy.

Coming January 20, 2020

Eric Swan thriller #2:
Poison Control

Poison Control cover 3 .jpg

Eric Swan is tracking a villainous madman intent on poisoning the water supply.

But this Nobel-winning brainiac isn’t alone in his lust for revenge.

Swan must outsmart a secret society of rogue scholars before they release their apocalyptic toxin. If he fails, millions of people will face a gruesome, agonizing end.

Coming February 3, 2020