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 The Galahad Archives:
Volume 1

The first TWO Galahad novels in one volume!

Includes the award-winning The Comet’s Curse, a Top-Shelf selection by The American Library Association.

Also, The Web of Titan, winner of The EVVY Award for best young adult book.

Age group: Young adult, and Young-at-heart adults

On sale here thru June 2nd.

The Buster Blank books


Who is Buster Blank? Well, that’s me - Dom - when I write for younger readers, essentially grades 4 thru 6.

One teacher described these books as “The Twilight Zone for kids.”

I can live with that. (By the way, The Twilight Zone is not the same as Twilight. Ha!)

Madison Cooley’s Shoes

Shaking Demons

My Favorite Nightmare

On sale now thru June 2nd.