Galahad Archives Volume 1 - Leaving Earth

Galahad Archives Volume 1 - Leaving Earth

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Contains the first TWO Galahad novels, The Comet’s Curse and The Web of Titan.

Earth has been ravaged by a deadly disease. In order to save the human species, 251 of the brightest teenagers on the planet are placed aboard the starship named Galahad, bound for a new world.

But not everyone wants them to succeed. The teen explorers must deal with a deadly stowaway, as well as their own fears and loneliness.

The Comet’s Curse was a Top Shelf selection by The American Library Association, and won the International Grand Prize from Writer’s Digest Magazine.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series, compiled in two omnibus collections: The Galahad Archives, Volume 2 and The Galahad Archives, Volume 3.

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