January 31, 2019 - A lucky collision, go rock yourself, and the worst year ever

A Lucky Collision

In this week’s podcast you’ll discover a whole new appreciation for the moon. Yes, it’s pretty to look at and poets have convinced us the orb inspires love. (Other writers say it inspires werewolves.)

Photo courtesy of  David Dibert  on  Unsplash

Photo courtesy of David Dibert on Unsplash

Planetary scientists tell us the moon was born from a cataclysmic collision between the Earth and another small planet billions of years ago. The moon is, essentially, congealed debris.

Ah, but a new theory proposes that something else was born from that mashup. Without the collision, they say, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now. You wouldn’t be here at all. None of us would be.

It’s all explained in this Newz for Nerdz podcast, which you can hear above or download through Spotify or iTunes.


Go Rock Yourself

Pic courtesy of  Echo Grid  on  Unsplash

Pic courtesy of Echo Grid on Unsplash

If you have a fussy baby in your arms, and it’s obvious the little angel needs to sleep, what’s your natural reaction? That’s an easy one: You rock the baby.

So why wouldn’t that work for us once we’re all grown up? The answer is: It does work. And it works really well, apparently.

In the podcast you’ll learn what maybe should seem intuitive, but for some reason it isn’t. I mean, we sell rocking chairs to sit in, but we don’t sell rocking beds. But I’ll bet you start seeing them, and soon.

If you have trouble sleeping like I do, this segment could - should I say it? - rock your world. Check it out in the podcast.


The Worst Year Ever

Photo courtesy of  Marc Szeglat  on  Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Marc Szeglat on Unsplash

I wrote a book a few years ago called Smart Is Cool. It focuses on the difficult time that middle school students have dealing with all the physical, emotional, and social changes they experience. Hey, 7th grade is the worst year for most kids.

But what about the worst year ever? I mean, throughout history. What year was the absolute crappiest year since we rose from the African savanna and began watching our carbs?

I would’ve guessed something in the 1200s or something. And I would’ve been wrong.

A scientist pinpoints not only the exact year, but the reasons. And after you hear his explanation in the podcast you’ll realize that 7th grade was cake.

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Thanks this week to ScienceNews and Current Biology for their pieces on rocking adults to sleep.

Ann Gibbons in Science wrote a cool piece about Michael McCormick’s “worst year to be alive.” I love that stuff.

The first article I saw on the life-giving collision was here in Science Daily.

Thanks to Charlie Keaton for banging out the Newz for Nerdz open/close music, referred to by many as the Newz for Nerdz Love Theme.



Hammock pic courtesy of Eirik Skarstein on Unsplash

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