January 24, 2019 - False memory, acing a test, and killer space rocks

False memory

I first read about this stuff a few years ago and my immediate thought was: This is scary.

We think we remember stuff from years ago, we might even swear to it. But it’s possible it never happened to you. Or at all.

They’re known as false memories, and I’ve got the scoop in this week’s podcast.

Acing a test

Courtesy of  Chris Liverani  on  Unsplash

Courtesy of Chris Liverani on Unsplash

My parents were always so proud when I brought home a test with a big 100 written at the top.

Well, now there’s a report that says a 100 might be cause for pride, it’s maybe not the best for you when it comes to actual learning.

I scoffed - at first. Then I read more and realized it’s very similar to my stance on “no perfect 10s.”

Check it out and see what you think.

Killer space rocks

Yeah, the movies tell us we’re ready for anything space can dish out. A giant asteroid coming our way? No problem.

Uh, wrong. And, to make things worse, there might be more of them on the loose than there were in the past.

I offer up this story in the podcast, and must also share my favorite “we’re all gonna die” video below. It shows what would happen if our planet bangs into one of these oversized boulders.

Sleep well.

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To find out more:

The memory story came from an article in the Independent, found here.

I enjoyed this piece in Scientific American called How Wrong Should You Be?

The inspiration for the space rock segment came from this article in US News and World Report.

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