January 17, 2019 - Love language, fasting, and frog pimps

The Real Love Language

Courtesy of  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Courtesy of rawpixel on Unsplash

You might’ve read the popular book on love languages (quality time, acts of service, etc.) but this is something completely different.

Artificial intelligence has been programmed to predict whether or not your relationship will last, based on listening to the two of you speak to each other.

It involves your tone of voice, your inflection, pauses, your volume level - all of that contains subtle clues about how things are going with your lover.

And although humans might not be able to pick up on it, a machine can. And does.

It’s partly fascinating and partly creepy. But the thing is, it does seem to be accurate. Check it out in the podcast, above.

Here’s a link to one of the stories I read about this, from the BBC.

Fasting could cause a reboot

As you’ll hear in the podcast, I’ve tried fasting and actually had good results.


Now there’s new evidence that it could sort of rewire your metabolism and your circadian clock, especially in your liver and within your skeletal muscle.

Why might this be good?

Because it could put you on the path to improved health, and (some say) perhaps protect against aging-related diseases.

Please discuss this with your doctor before attempting anything. That’s my own CYA.

And another disclaimer: Not everyone agrees, because no two scientists can agree on anything. But you can at least read about it. Here’s where I found one of the stories, courtesy of ScienceDaily.

Frog Pimps

Romeo is a frog. He lives in a museum in Bolivia.


And he’s been called “The Loneliest Frog in the World.”

Hey, it’s not his fault. He just happens to be one of the last surviving members of a certain frog species, the Sehuencas water frog.

In fact, for the last decade scientists thought he was the only Sehuencas water frog.

But now, good news for Romeo. They might’ve found him a Juliet. Froggy love could be in the air.

This is the kind of story I like to include at the end of each Newz for Nerdz podcast, so check it out and let’s all toast to Romeo and Juliet’s love life. May it be productive. Or reproductive, I guess.

You can read about it here, thanks to UPI.

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