February 7, 2019 - Your evil phone, the big ouch, and G.O.T. survival

Your Evil Phone


This week’s podcast begins with an extraordinary tale of your phone’s power to control you.

I know, you don’t want to hear that. But the data is in, and we are but slaves to its influence. And if you’re hoping to get some important work done, your digital babysitter doesn’t even have to be powered on to jack with you.

Think you can overcome it? Ha, that’s exactly what it WANTS you to think!

Okay, that last part was hype. But check out the science behind our phones’ pull on our brain power, and it might very well change how you look at that gadget from now on.

It’s all explained in this Newz for Nerdz podcast, which you can hear above or download through Spotify or iTunes.


The Big Ouch

Pic courtesy of  Hyttalo Souza  on  Unsplash

Pic courtesy of Hyttalo Souza on Unsplash

There’s the power of visualization, the power of positive thinking, and the ol’ “thoughts are things.”

Apparently they are true, true, and true.

And it seems they’re particularly true when it comes to pain. If you think something will hurt, it will.

Researchers actually hurt their test subjects to find this out. Sadists. ;)

But it’s fascinating stuff. Check it out in the podcast.


Game of Thrones Survival


For years I told people I wouldn’t watch G.O.T. because I don’t generally care for fantasy.

Then I finally watched an episode or two . . . and was hooked.

Now, with the 8th and final season approaching, some total nerds like us developed a formula for determining if your favorite character will survive.

Given how the writers and producers enjoy killing off characters, I’m not sure any of them will survive.

It’s your slightly goofy story of the week, but it’s fun. Check it out in this week’s NFN podcast, above.

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Thanks this week to Harvard Business Review for sharing the info I used for the piece on your evil phone.

Bethany Brookshire and Science News for Students supplied the article on pain.

Taylor Pittman and HuffPost published the article on Game of Thrones survival.

Thanks to Charlie Keaton for banging out the Newz for Nerdz open/close music, referred to by many as the Newz for Nerdz Love Theme.



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