February 14, 2019 - Turning thoughts into words, why your kid is always sick, and questioning the 10,000 steps rule

Turning Thoughts Into Words

Image courtesy of  Josh Riemer  on  Unsplash

Image courtesy of Josh Riemer on Unsplash

It’s both exciting and scary. On one hand it could really help some patients who’ve lost the ability to communicate.

It’s an actual implant that can read your brain’s signals, recognize the patterns, and turn those thoughts into actual speech.

On the other hand . . .

Well, let’s just agree that we don’t always want people to hear our thoughts, right?

It’s cool science, and it’s in this week’s podcast, which you can hear above.


Why Is Your Kid Always Sick?

Image courtesy of  Martin Brosy  on  Unsplash

Image courtesy of Martin Brosy on Unsplash

Specifically we’re talking about strep throat. Some families suffer through a recurrence of it every year, and you just want to know WHY.

Well, scientists can now tell you.

Keep in mind that it’s possible your child is simply a carrier for this streptococcus, and doesn’t THAT suck?

We explain in the podcast. Then go wash your hands.


So About This 10.000 Step Rule . . .


Yeah, I’m very OCD when it comes to my Fitbit. I must hit 7.5 to 8 miles every day or I’m irritated.

But what about this so-called rule that you must have 10,000 steps a day? What doctor came up with that?

Uh, it wasn’t a doctor. And wait until you hear where it actually DID come from.

It’s in the podcast. Jump in.


Thanks this week to US News & World Report for the thoughts/speech story.

Also to ScienceNews.org for the report on strep throat.

And to ScienceAlert.com for the fun story about the steps.

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