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For some odd reason, Comcast’s email system is fighting with a new spam filter program (or something like that).

So if you use a Comcast email address you will not (for the time being) receiving anything from The Mindbender Club. That sucks.

If you have another email address you can use, I’d strongly encourage it.

Comcast has been very gracious and courteous during this issue, and they want it fixed, too. But for now, please use a different account, perhaps gmail, etc.

So sorry for this. It’s completely out of my hands. We’re all frustrated.

Mindbender Book Volume 4 is coming in October! It will be available to Mindbender Club members first!

Mindbender Book Volume 4 is coming in October! It will be available to Mindbender Club members first!

Check out what Joan from Louisiana had to say:

“My daughter called me each day from her home in Colorado and would ask me The Mindbender. It’s so much fun! I’m very excited that now I’ll get The Mindbender thru email. (I’ve also sent the link to my twin sister in Atlanta.)
Thank you for making this available!”


Heather from Colorado says:

"I share the Mindbender questions with my co-workers. When your email comes in we all take a few minutes to guess the answer. It's super fun!"

Here's what Jason in Missouri says:

"Love the show, and still listen from Columbia, Missouri. We miss Denver, but your show makes us feel like we're still there in the mornings. Thank you for creating The Mindbender Club. Great idea! I look forward to the emails every day."


The daily mailer is fun for me to put together, so I hope you enjoy it, too. Thanks very much!

- Dom

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