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For some reason we like to think that Valentines Day is the time of year when people are really looking for love. But that's apparently not the case.

The people at sifted through twenty years of data, trying to find the time of year when love is most likely to bloom.

Would you believe it's this Sunday, July 8th? #truth

In fact, if you're single, you'll be treated to a 20% increase in the number of people who sign up for online dating compared to Valentines Day. And, to make it more enticing, the number of people who actually communicate online will be going up, too.

We chatted about this on the radio show, and here's my theory: After getting together with friends during the holiday - for cookouts, lake parties, etc - a lot of people started comparing and contrasting, you know?

Or they went solo to the party and noticed that their friends were happy in love, so they are rolling up their sleeves this weekend to show they can snag a partner, too.

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The survey also asked about the most popular summer activities. At the top of the list (in case you're hoping to connect with someone of similar tastes) were:

Going to sporting events
Wine tasting
Salsa dancing (what??)
Skydiving (oh come on)
Whitewater rafting

Hmm. Do you think people are just trying to seem like they have an exciting life?

Regardless, if you're into online dating, set aside an hour or so this Sunday and go fishing. It looks like they'll be biting.


Laptop lady photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Skydiving pic courtesy of
 Jakob Owens on Unsplash