Dom writing as
Harlan Plumber


For all the success he's had writing for young adults and middle-grade students, there are times when Dom just has to write for adults. It's a return to his roots, actually, because most of his earliest writing fell under the "dark/suspense/creepy" label - if "creepy" is actually a genre.

When he wears that hat, he becomes Harlan Plumber. (And there's a pretty good story about the origin of that name, too.)

You can find Harlan's collection of dark, creepy short stories (titled Wednesday, and Other Dark Tales) as an e-book download at all of the major sites, including:

The iTunes/iBook store
Barnes & Noble

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Download your copy today, and please leave an honest review. That's more important to authors than you realize.

Harlan Plumber is working on new stuff, too. One story is based on a phone call from a listener to his radio show. It's called "In The Wall," a tale with hints of Hitchcock.

Stay tuned.