Eric Swan is
The Spy Who Can Never Die


He's served his country for years, and saved it from calamity time and again. But there are two things that make Eric Swan much different from the people we normally associate with serving and protecting.

For one thing, there are only four people who do his job, men and women in a top-secret department who take on the nastiest criminals ever hatched - evil geniuses who place the country, or the world, on the brink of destruction in pursuit of their wicked plans.

And two, Eric and his three fellow patriots have a unique scientific advantage that CIA, FBI, or NSA agents don't possess. They can never die.

Well, that's not entirely accurate. They can die - but it doesn't stick.

From writer Tyber North comes a bombastic series of thrillers starring super-spy Eric Swan. He's able to put his life on the line for his mother country because that life can be restored.

As long as he remembers to backup his data.


Book One: Skidding Off The Grid


In a race across country, Swan must identify and shut down the operation of twin deviants, a brother-and-sister team certifiably crazy and determined to kill the power grid of the US.

They claim their cause is ecologically-based. But Swan discovers they’re not so noble after all. They have a much more sinister motive, one that could - at least temporarily - shove the country backwards a hundred years.

Can Swan solve the puzzle and prevent anarchy?



Book Two: Poison Control


With his organization’s mind-download system temporarily on the fritz, Swan must tread carefully as he pursues a former scientific wonder-kid, a Nobel-Prize-winning professor whose experiments have gone horribly wrong.

Now, with time running out and the country’s water supply threatened with a virus that will literally dissolve human brain tissue, Swan faces one surprise after another in a hunt covering three time zones.

Can he match wits with a super-genius and come out on top?


Book Three: God Maker


When one of the creators of the organization’s mind-downloading system is kidnapped, the race is on to find her before she can be forced to duplicate the technology.

With little to go on, but everything on the line, Swan must confront the moral and ethical questions of his own immortality while tracking down the woman known as God Maker.

For if the other side can develop this same technology, everything could change - or come crashing down.



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