When Writing is No Longer a Hobby

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You like to write, and you think it would be cool to be published. You just don’t want to try and then get discouraged.

I get it. I’ve been there. I sat on stories for years and years, then cursed myself later when I finally made the leap.

Eventually you realize you’ve got nothing to lose by trying. You may not publish a bestseller - in fact, you may sell fewer than 100 copies. But so what?

Ask anyone who has published a book, and I mean anyone: What was it like to see your name on a book cover for the first time?

You’re a freakin’ zombie if you say, Eh, no big deal.

Bullshit. It’s comparable to things like the birth of your first child, or hitting the winning basket at the buzzer, or falling head over heels with your true love.

Who the hell cares if it sells 100 copies or 100,000? You did it. You combined a bunch of words and packaged them into a book.

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I may be qualified to help people learn to write, but what I prefer to do is help people simply get off their ass. After publishing 14 books, both fiction and non-fiction, I figured #15 needed to address the fear and doubts that incapacitate us.

The Color of Your Dreams won’t teach you how to craft a killer paragraph. Instead, it’ll help you make the decision to finally get your words out there. It’s a short volume, and the language won’t sit well with everyone. Certainly it’s not a book for kids.

But if you’re tough enough, then let me help you go for it. Grab a copy of The Color of Your Dreams and get to work.

Writing as a hobby is great fun; watching your words actually impact someone is euphoric.

It’s available in print and electronic versions, with the audiobook almost ready to go. Please, leave feedback and reviews, and if it does indeed help you, then please share the news with friends and family who also could use the nudge.

And thanks.

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