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First, Write

We live in an age where promotional hype outshines almost everything else. It has trickled down from national television programs to just about every creative outlet in the country. And, with the explosion - and undeniable power - of social media, it’s now easier than ever to hype a message to thousands - sometimes even millions - with a click or two.

But an important ingredient is often left out of the cake that eager artists are trying to bake: Good content.

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The Human Network

n their song “Child of Vision,” the band Supertramp rattled off a quick line that is simple in structure, but profound in its message.

You watch the television, because it tells you that you should.

I used to laugh when I found myself, glassy-eyed, scrolling through an endless assortment of satellite TV channels, the guide spinning through line after line of options. Like most people, I’d been fooled into thinking that this continuous string of networks represented a bounty of choices for me. But, in reality, the choice began and ended when I hit POWER.

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