RIP: The Writer Who Kicked My Ass


Harlan Ellison died last week. Perhaps you knew of him, perhaps you didn’t. I knew him for two reasons:

First, he was one of the most celebrated writers of speculative fiction, winning every award imaginable. I had several of his books.

More significantly, though, he kicked my ass. In person.

Figuratively, of course. I could’ve taken him in a fistfight, but he eviscerated me with words. Physically he was of small stature, creatively he was a volatile giant.

The story made its way into my latest book, The Color of Your Dreams, which came out just two months before Ellison’s passing. It’s a memory that, to this day, inspires me to write and publish. And yet that wasn’t Harlan Ellison’s intention. Or was it?

COYD Cover small.jpg

I mourn his passing, even after the tongue-lashing he delivered. If you’d like to hear the story, enjoy this free audio sample (below) from Chapter 19 of The Color of Your Dreams.

Then I think you should go download the whole book. (Print and ebook are available. The audio book is coming shortly.)

Farewell, Harlan Ellison. And thanks. This very book might never have happened without your petulance.


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