Popcorn Costs HOW Much?

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The other day I was on the fence about whether or not to go see a movie. There wasn't really anything showing that Gretchen or I wanted to see, but it was a cloudy, rainy day - the kind of day you don't mind sitting inside and enjoying mindless entertainment.

But that wasn't the deciding factor. It was the fact that once I got the notion of movie popcorn in my head, it wouldn't go away.

We went to a movie. And the popcorn was heavenly.

(My weirdo rule is that I won't touch the popcorn until the actual movie begins. I don't understand sitting there for 20 minutes of trailers, munching away, and essentially having no popcorn left when the movie starts.)

Anyway, I think we all accept that the theater has to make some money, so we know they mark up the price of popcorn. But wait a minute.

Granted, this is an old story, but I just saw it. A professor in California compared the cost of popcorn with other food choices, and he found that - per ounce - movie popcorn actually costs more than filet mignon.

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And based on what theaters are paying to buy the unpopped kernels, as a consumer you're paying a 1300% markup. Holy extra butter, Batman!

Doesn't seem to stop us, though. Each year Americans spend over a billion dollars on movie popcorn. Hey, look at me - I paid for a couple of movie tickets just so I could get that medium bucket.

Am I a sucker? Maybe. But I sure was a happy sucker.


Popcorn pic courtesy of Christian Wiediger on
Theater photo courtesy of Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash