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You know how you get little signs here and there that you’re getting older? Maybe you bend over to pick up something and feel a twinge. Or maybe you stop going to concerts because they’re too loud.

Well, today Gretchen presented me with a hypothetical choice: If I had to pick between two pints at the pub or two scoops of ice cream, what would it be?

I startled myself by realizing I’m suddenly team ice cream.

I’m losing my affinity for alcohol. Back in the day I’d have a glass or two of wine about three nights a week, and enjoyed other adult beverages when I went out with friends.

Now? I’ve probably had wine on 4 or 5 occasions this year, and one of those was during a visit to my friend’s winery. What are you gonna order there? A milkshake?

My appreciation for a good whiskey/coke is gone, too. I think I’ve had it once in the last month. The desire has simply evaporated.

Photo courtesy of  Charisse Kenion  on  Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

I was never a heavy drinker, but Older Dom is not the same as Younger Dom. I’m more likely to jones for Cookies ’N Cream than Jack and Coke. And I have no problem admitting it. Sure, I get plenty of grief from friends when I opt for iced tea, but I just shrug. I was never the coolest guy in the crowd so why compete now?

So I’m older, less interested in cocktails, and generally unmoved to go out much at all, unless it’s a nice, quiet dinner somewhere. Hey, I may come across as Mr. Boring to some, but personally I’m having a great time.

And, with another weekend upon us, I’m looking forward to getting buzzed on a bowl of butter pecan. Cheers.

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