More Than a Book Signing

After doing book signings for more than ten years, I wanted to offer up an explanation of how my signing events have changed - for the better - and why you might wanna drop by sometime.

If you’ve been to an author’s book signing event, chances are you found a writer sitting behind a table, staring up at people and holding a pen in his/her hand. Maybe there were people in line. Maybe you were the only person there.

I can tell you, from an author’s viewpoint, it’s a daunting activity. Sure, when Nora Roberts or Neil Gaiman do a signing the line is around the building; that’s a very cool feeling.

But it’s also likely that every author you’ve ever heard of has done a book signing where only three or four people showed up. (Boulder writer John Shors has one of the funniest stories ever about a first signing. Dude had me laughing out loud.)

Personally, I’ve had signings with more than 250 people packed into the store (that’s a huge thrill), but also one classic signing in Houston where I spoke to three: the store manager, an old high school buddy I hadn’t seen in years, and some random guy who just happened to be wandering through the store. All you can do is laugh.

These days, however, my signings are different. As long as we’re going to get together - and since we obviously share a love of books - I use the events to talk about writing. Not just my writing, but yours. Or at least the writing you really want to do.

I’ll talk about my journey, how I was a closet writer (just like you), and how I finally got the nerve to submit my work. Then I’ll answer every question you have about writing, editing, publishing, selling, anything. I may not know everything, but I can steer you to sources to fill in the blanks.

This is a much more rewarding format, I think. Book readers and book writers are really the same species, and often it only takes a nudge to move a person from the first category to the second.

It's a somewhat-cheesy cliche, but I do believe the biggest regrets we have are because of the chances we don't take. I hope you’ll stop by, and bring anyone who also has an interest in the process.

Hey, sometimes we even have cookies.