Lucky Number

Image courtesy of  Karolina Szczur  on  Unsplash

Image courtesy of Karolina Szczur on Unsplash

I feel like such a loser. I don't have a lucky number.

Now, to be honest, there is a number that keeps showing up ALL THE TIME. I'm afraid to tell you what it is because some people are really freaky about numerology and I know what they'd say about my particular combination.

But if I went to buy a lottery ticket there wouldn't be numbers that speak to me. I know that lots of Americans say 7 is their lucky number, but all I think of when I see that number is John Elway.

There was a survey done recently with people from around the world, asking them what number they'd definitely use in a lottery. The number that came up the most often was . . .


That was followed by 7, 17, 27, and 19. The big nerd in me loves the fact that four of the top five are prime numbers. Yes, that's how my mind works. Sorry ladies, I'm taken.

I wonder if I'm missing out on the joy of having a favorite/lucky number. If a certain one doesn't speak to me, would it be artificial if I just chose one at random and declared it to be my number? Would it be cool to pick a different number each year?

Maybe I'll just get on with my life.

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