JOMO Has Replaced FOMO


By now I’m sure you’re familiar with the term FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out. The explosion of social media has created an entire sub-category of people who mourn the fact they’re not out having as much fun as all those hipster-doodles they see on Facebook or Instagram.

Apparently I’m a big weirdo, because when I see photos from some crowded, crazy event the first thought that goes through my mind is: “I’m so glad I’m not there.”

And what do you know? A new study has just come out that introduces something to replace FOMO. It’s called JOMO.

The Joy of Missing Out.

Yes! Maybe it’s a stage-of-life thing, but I swear the best days of the month are the dot-free weekends. When I pull up my phone calendar and see nary a dot, I get as excited as a 4-year-old at Christmas.

I don’t think it makes me a recluse or a party-pooper. It means I embrace my introversion, and I celebrate the fact I don’t need to share the same experiences with everyone else. The photos and videos splashed all over social media often seem (to me) a desperate cry of “Look! I know how to have fun!”

Okay. I used to be that person, so I get it. But I’ve evolved into a different life form, and to me “missing out” is not something to mourn. It’s something to cherish.

Gimme a quiet dinner with someone interesting, or a good book and a limoncello or tea and I’m beyond happy.

I choose Missing Out. What about you?

Dom Testa10 Comments