Is a Stand Aside Disrespectful?

First, let’s explain the concept of the Stand Aside.

Most people have a crazy crush on that one celebrity, either a musician, actor, or theoretical physicist. Hey, it happens.


Whenever you see them the lust-meter goes berserk. And you don’t keep this a secret, either. You’ll happily let everyone know just how much you want to ravage them.

On the radio show we call this person your Stand Aside. The idea is that if they ever showed up at your door, asking you to run off with them, your spouse/significant other would have to stand aside and let you fulfill your fantasy.

And that’s all it is, a silly fantasy, but one that many couples have fun with. My best friend chose Ryan Reynolds. Now, my friend is stunning and really quite a catch, but nobody is holding their breath that Ryan will dump Blake Lively and be ringing this particular doorbell in Denver.
Although in his past he did split from Scarlett Johansson. Hmm…

Anyway, a listener sent a message on social media asking us to stop referencing this whole Stand Aside thing because - and I’ll quote - “it’s so disrespectful to your spouse.”

Is it? If a woman says I’m the most important person in her life with the possible exception of Ryan Gosling (just to give both of the Beautiful Ryans equal time) should I feel hurt? Well, I don’t. I mean, I’d miss her and everything, but at least I’d understand. Ryan seems like a pretty cool guy to me, too. I’d love to have a beer with him and shoot the shit. But I can’t because he’s off canoodling with my now-ex-girlfriend.

Apparently some people have a different idea of fun, and it's not playing the Stand Aside mind-candy game with their babe. That’s fine. We know that people are different.

So here’s what I’ve decided. Your checklist for finding Perfect Life Partner should include “Do you have a sense of humor/fun that believes the Stand Aside game is funny?”

Because someone who thinks it’s hilarious needs to be with someone who agrees, and someone who thinks it’s disrespectful needs to find a similarly-puckered soul. *snicker*

Now if you’ll pardon me, I think Kate Beckinsale just knocked on my door.

Dom Testa2 Comments