Give Canada a Break!

Image courtesy of  Ryan  on  Unsplash

Image courtesy of Ryan on Unsplash

I’m writing this on Election Day 2018, and we all know how ridiculous it can get. But there’s one thing in particular I can’t understand.

Why, oh why, do so many celebrities - on both the left and the right - keep warning us that they’ll “move to Canada” if their candidate loses?

First of all, why do you think we care where you live? Just because I like your movies or your music doesn’t mean I lie awake at night concerned about your address.

And secondly, why so many threats against Canada? What the hell did Canada ever do? Can we leave that poor country out of this? What makes you think they want you any more than we do?

I say pick a new country for your oh-so-important threat and let’s give Canada a break.

We had some laughs about this on the show, and you can hear the clip below. It’s only about 45 seconds.

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