Free Books to Combat The Summer Brain Drain


There may be no two words in the English language that bring more joy to a kid’s ears than Summer Break. Hey, I loved school, but I still salivated over the idea of weeks and weeks of sleeping in and goofing off.

But parents and teachers also talk about something known as the summer brain drain. The concern is that too much down time allows students to not only fritter away what they might have learned in the previous school year, but it also gets them out of learning mode.

I want to help by supplying free books. I’m going to take some of my own creations and give them away. You can grab copies of my Galahad series for young adults (middle school and high school) as well as some of my Buster Blank books for grades 4-6.

For the next two weeks on The Dom and Jeremy Show, listen for your chance to call in and win. I’ll also give away some copies through Facebook, so check in often.


All of these books are available online, too, if you’d like to grab some extras for your kids/nieces/nephews/friends/etc. Just go to and click on Store to get the Buster Blank titles.

Amazon has the entire Galahad series, which are now in convenient omnibus editions. Just search “Dom Testa Galahad” on Amazon and they’ll all pop up.

I hope you and your kids have a great summer!