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My Lousy Handwriting

It’s one thing to get older and gradually notice aches and pains, especially first thing in the morning. (Putting on my socks never used to be such an effort, but at 4am my back isn’t on board with my get-ready-for-work routine.)

But it’s another thing to notice something else deteriorating, something I’ve done pretty well for half a century.

My handwriting has gone straight to hell. There was a time when I was proud of my penmanship, thanks to some wonderful elementary school teachers and to my mom, whose cursive was practically calligraphy.

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Swap Places for Ten Bucks

he line at the post office snaked almost to the door. I couldn’t do the self-serve kiosk because I was using Media Mail, so I had to get to the counter. Looked to me like about a 20-minute wait.

I began to contemplate a tactical move. What if I went up to the second or third person in line and offered them $10 to swap places? Not let me cut in line, because that would piss off everyone who essentially got bumped back another spot. No, the person would walk back and take my spot and I’d move into their place, in exchange for an Alexander Hamilton.

They might take the deal. Or they might say no, whereupon the person behind them - or ahead of them - might say, “I’ll do that.”

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Do Audiobooks Count as Reading?

Is listening to an audio book the same as reading a book?

I keep a list of the books I’ve read during each calendar year. It usually ends up being somewhere between 22 and 30 titles. Not a ton, but a fair number.

(I read mostly at night before bed, and it’s tough sometimes to keep from dozing off. And that’s not a critique of the writing. I’m just tired after getting up at 3:45am.)

One of my co-workers heard about my list, and said their own list wouldn’t be very long because they mostly listen to audiobooks. I was puzzled. Why wouldn’t that count?

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