Doctor Dating

I got dumped by my doctor.

Okay, that’s a little dramatic. The truth is, he retired. After spending his entire adult life caring for others and dispensing both medical advice and gentle suggestions, he has moved on to a life of hiking, reading, and enjoying his grandkids.

The result, though, is like a breakup for me. I’ve gone to see Dr. Don for 28 years, which, as a sarcastic friend of mine pointed out, is the longest personal relationship I’ve ever had. What a comedian. (Note to self: Find a new friend.)

So now I’m sort of in the ‘doctor dating’ world. It’s time to start looking around and trying to pick someone new to provide medical assistance. And let’s face it, it really is similar to the dating process. Eventually this person becomes intimately familiar with you, privy to information that your closest friends don’t even know.

My same funny friend recommended that I ‘try out’ several doctors, which smacks of speed-dating to me. And also sounds incredibly awkward. “Hi, I’m just here to chat for a few minutes and see if you’re the kind of person I’d like to have see me sick and naked.”

Ugh. Suddenly, without ever having met them, I’m angry with Dr. Don’s grandchildren.

But oh well. Life is change, life is new experiences, and life is occasionally a new doctor. Hopefully I can keep the next one for another 28 years.

Believe me, by that point nobody will want to see me naked. But, then again, I probably won’t even know why I’m there.

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