Dom writing as . . .

When he writes for students in grades 4 through 6,
Dom puts on the hat of Buster Blank.
These are quirky little stories,
but each one has a very positive message.

Kids LOVE them.
(But older folks can enjoy them, too!)

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Madison Cooley's Shoes

Madison Cooley is not herself today.

In fact, she has no idea who she'll be until she wakes up and takes a look.

What's it like to experience the world through another person's eyes? To see yourself through their eyes?

What's it like to literally walk in someone else's shoes?

Here's a fun video trailer for you!


Conrad is just a normal kid . . . until two lovable scamps move into his head.

They laugh, they argue, and they're up to something. But what?

With the help of his best friend Isabelle, Conrad does everything he can to shake these demons and go back to normal.

How hard could it be?


Enjoy the trailer for Shaking Demons!


Tobie Jones has dreams…

Three of them, to be exact. But her dreams are nothing like yours . . .
unless you’re haunted by graves and sea creatures, too.

The nightmares are not only terrifying, they won’t go away.

Now Tobie’s trying to answer one simple question: Why?


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