Interview with Greg Behrendt

We always laugh when Greg pops into the radio show, because the guy is just a damned fashion plate. I've told him that he's the only guy I know who can truly rock the scarf. It's true.

I've always had mega-respect for people who thrive in multiple formats in their life. With Greg Behrendt, that means he kicks ass in several artistic arenas. He's an acclaimed stand-up comic, he worked as a script consultant for Sex and The City, and he's a talented musician. (The dude is in a ska/surf/punk band, for chrissakes.)

Oh, and he writes. Very well. And very successfully.

We sat down at Comedy Works in Greenwood Village, CO a while back, just a few hours before he went on stage, and we talked about some pretty cool stuff. Have a listen.

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Check out Greg's web site right here.

Enjoy his music with The Reigning Monarchs right here.

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