Dom Testa

Author / Speaker/ Broadcaster


Denver's favorite morning radio show! And that's not just US saying it - the Colorado Broadcasters Association has etched our names on a bunch of plaques.

Dom has hosted the morning show for a LONG time. (Let's put it this way: there are college seniors who weren't born yet when Dom started at Mix 100.3.)

Jeremy has been a regular for more than 10 years, and, although Emily has been with us for four years, it seems like forever. (Ha, ha!)

Join us weekday mornings for lots of laughs, stimulating conversation (yes, stimulating), and the most popular radio contest in the world, The Mindbender.

You can listen online, on your smartphone (just search for Mix 100 Denver in your phone's app store), or listen to the daily podcasts. No matter how you find us, you'll quickly become part of our family. Thanks for starting your day with Dom in the Morning, with Emily and Jeremy!

Here are a few recent highlights:

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