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The bed-and-breakfast sits about a mile from the historic City Centre of Canterbury, tucked into the somewhat-modern suburbs of the British town. The perfect distance, as it turns out; one can find a peaceful night's sleep outside the hubbub of the action, but get in a good walk when it's time to explore.

With a backpack slung from one shoulder, I cross a pedestrian bridge over the A28 and approach the stark, gray stone walls encircling the city. They're about a thousand years old, and look it: forbidding, in a way, and yet softened over time by weather and distress.

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Check In and Check Out: Colorado Springs

Sneaking out of town for a weekend is a treat that most of us don’t indulge in often enough. It sounds like a grand plan, but it’s usually scrapped in favor of kid stuff, or house stuff, or the fact that we’re just too miserly. And that’s a shame, because it’s easily one of the most rejuvenating gifts we can give to ourselves, and I mean that in both a physical and spiritual sense.

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A Two-Lane Life

During a recent road trip along the backroads of eastern Colorado, I encountered a tiny, somewhat-deserted town every twenty to thirty miles. Slowing to pass through them - sometimes turning off the main road to meander the back streets - a sobering thought confronted me:

Are these towns simply being deserted, or are they decaying?

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The Cemetery

There is no train station at Chilham, just a platform on each side of the tracks, each sporting a bench and an information sign. Three cars are parked in the gravel lot outside the fence, awaiting their owners who, more than likely, have traveled to nearby Canterbury, the medieval town of Chaucer fame in southeast England.

Chilham (pronounced Chill-um) is a good fifteen minute walk down a tree-lined country lane. Only two cars pass during my trek, perhaps tourists who've heard about the castle in the village. They'll be returning shortly, no doubt, because the castle isn't open to the public; a family lives there. Probably watching an American reality show on the telly.

I trudge past

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