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Madison Cooley's Shoes

Madison Cooley is not herself today. Or tomorrow.

In fact, she has no idea who she'll be each day until she wakes up.

What's it like to experience the world - and see yourself - through another person's eyes? What's it like to literally walk in someone else's shoes?

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Shaking Demons

Conrad is just a normal kid . . . until two lovable scamps move into his head.

They laugh, they argue, and they're up to something. But what?

With the help of his best friend Isabelle, Conrad does everything he can to shake these demons and go back to normal. How hard could it be?

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My Favorite Nightmare

Tobie Jones wants to have a happy life, but the nightmares won’t get out of her way.

She spends half of her days living with her dad, the other half with her mom, but her nights . . . well, those belong to a world of terror. Could her parents’ divorce be at the root of it all? Or is there something else that plunges her into one of three frightening scenes?

Along with with her best friend, Bjorn, she’s captivated by a large, hideous sculpture that Tobie refers to as The Monstrosity. Is it possible this centerpiece in the park holds the answer to her nightmares?

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