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 Featured Book of the Month

The Mindbender Book, Volume 4

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The first new collection of classic Mindbenders in four years! Perfect as a stocking-stuffer or Secret Santa gift, and a great treat for holiday road trips.

Once again illustrated by Jeremy from the morning show, your family and friends will have a blast with this fun collection.

Get it on sale here through the end of December.

And, find the handy four-pack of Mindbender books on sale here at 20% off for the set.

The Galahad Series

(Young Adult fiction)


A three-time winner of Best Young Adult Book and a Top-Shelf selection by the American Library Association, the Galahad series is a rollicking adventure series set aboard a spacecraft hurtling through deep space.

This is no ordinary ship. When it launches, nobody aboard is above the age of 16. The crew’s mission: To preserve the future of the human race by colonizing a new world. But someone is determined for that mission to fail.

With 251 teenagers and one remarkable AI guardian/mentor named Roc, this six-book series is fun for both young adults and young-at-heart adults who enjoy a bit of mystery and romance tucked into their SciFi.

Get all the details right here.

Buster Blank

(Middle Grade fiction)


When writing for middle-grade students (grades 4-6), Dom takes on the persona of Buster Blank.

These quirky tales have been described by one librarian as a sort of “Twilight Zone for kids.” Three books, three interesting stories, and hours of fun entertainment.

Check out all three right here, and prepare yourself for the fourth Buster Blank book, Bolly Higgins, coming soon.

The Mindbender Books


After selling thousands of copies, the Mindbender series welcomed Volume 4 in 2018. Each book contains 100 classic Mindbenders, as heard on the Dom and Jeremy Show on Mix 100 in Denver.

Just the right price and the right size for gift-giving and stocking-stuffing. Check out the entire collection right here.

And, what could be better than getting a new Mindbender sent to your email inbox each day? It's called The Mindbender Club, it costs nothing to be part of it, and you can sign up right here. Share the link with your family and friends, too!

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