Dom Testa

Author / Speaker/ Broadcaster

Dom Testa is an author, speaker, and broadcaster. For twenty-four years he has captained the morning radio show on Denver's Mix100, and in the process picked up multiple awards for Best Morning Show, presented by the Colorado Broadcasters Association.

In the third grade Dom filled a composition notebook with his earliest attempts at writing - including an A+ grade on his essay "My Boring Family". Years later his Galahad series of young adult books (Tor/Macmillan) won the International Grand Prize from Writer's Digest, and claimed a Top Shelf selection from The American Library Association.

Dom's Mindbender Books have reached #1 on The Denver Post's bestseller list. Grab your own collection right here.

His passion for writing and literacy programs led Dom to work with students, and to the creation of his foundation, The Big Brain Club. His acclaimed non-fiction book, Smart Is Cool, explores the issue of dumbing down and the steps necessary to overcome it.

Alter Egos

When he writes for younger students (grades 3-6), Dom writes under the pen name Buster Blank. Find out more, and check out those delightful stories, right here.
And if you'd like to invite Buster to your school for a presentation on writing and creativity, you can reach out digitally right here.

He also writes fiction for adults under the pen name Harlan Plumber. (So many names; he's like the Sybil of authors.)

And there's more to come, under yet another name. Why? Different hats for different genres. It's something he'll be addressing in the writing forum at Big Fat Words, which you can join right here.


Dom Testa lives in - and loves - Colorado. He has a remarkable son (who is an accomplished writer, under the pen name Charlie Keaton) and an exceptional daughter-in-law (a nurse and home remodeler extraordinaire). Dom makes the best spaghetti sauce west of the Mississippi, and has kept a Ficus tree alive for more than 24 years.

Awards and Distinctions

Three-time EVVY Award winner for Best Young Adult Book

  • The Comet's Curse
  • The Web of Titan
  • The Cassini Code

Two-time EVVY Award winner for Best Puzzle/Game Book

  • The Mindbender Book, Vol. 1
  • The Mindbender Book, Vol. 2

International Grand Prize from Writer's Digest Magazine

  • The Comet's Curse

2015 Selection - Youth One Book One Denver

  • The Comet's Curse

American Library Association (ALA) / Top Shelf Selection

  • The Comet's Curse

2012 Leadership in Literacy Award, Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)

Four-time winner for Morning Radio Show of the Year

  • Mix100 / Denver

2012 Inductee in the Cooper High School Hall of Fame

Runner-Up Friendliest Boy in high school (Yes, really. He's still pretty friendly, too.)

P.O. Box 370567     Denver, CO     80237